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Water is a Human Right

El Agua es un derecho humano

Water is a Human Right (with Portuguese subtitles)

Water is a Human Right (Lithuanian)

Voda je lidské právo (Water is a Human Right, Czech)



Spot campagne France pour le droit à l'eau firma l'iniziativa dei cittadini europei per l'acqua pubblica

Erwin Pelzig: Wasser ist ein Menschenrecht

- in German with English sub-titles (turn-on caption)

avec sous-titres en Français

Geheimoperation Wasser

Monitor Water Privatization (Corporate Europe Observatory - in German with English subtitles

UN General Assembly declares access to clean water is a human right

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

A World Without Water

How the world walked for water and sanitation!

Wasser und Entwicklung- WissensWerte Animationsfilm


Drink Water in the Etalage

Nieuwsuur, 1 juli 2013 (NL)


In Lithuania:

18 March from 18 min – Lithuanian national radio and TV, main news edition 20.30 PM

18 March  12.00 from 5.54 min – Lithuanian national radio and TV main news edition 12.00