Win an exclusive “Water is a human right!” beach towel!

You can see here a number of photos where people promoted the European Citizens’ Initiative for the human right to water and sanitation at public fountains across Europe.

Test your knowledge of European cities and tell us where these pictures were taken. Send an e-mail to  and name the cities where the following photos were taken:


  • Photo1:
  • Photo3:
  • Photo10:
  • Photo14:
  • Photo 16:
  • Photo 18:
  • Photo 19:
  • Photo 22:
  • Photo 25:
  • Photo27:
  • Photo 29:
  • Photo 32:
  • Photo 34:
  • Photo36:
  • Photo37:

10 people that name all the cities correctly will get a “Water is a human right!” beach towel, so you can show your support to the human right to water at the beach, lakes or swimming pool this summer!

To give a hint: use your language skills.

Send your e-mail with names of cities corresponding to the photos before 30 June 12.00hrs Brussels time to .