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(11 September 2013) News Splash n°22: On 10 September we stopped collecting signatures for the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative “Water is a human right!”. Nearly 1.9 million citizens have signed the statement of support demanding that the European Commission “implement the human right to water and sanitation in European legislation”.

We would like to thank everybody who has signed and a special THANKS! to all the people who have helped us to collect signatures. You have made this ECI a huge success! And this success has already been acknowledged by the European Commission, by national governments and political parties, and by people around the world that struggle every day for their right to clean, safe and affordable water and sanitation.

We have collected 1,547,859 signatures online and around 315,000 on paper, nearly double the 1 million target and paper signatures are still coming in. We have passed the minimum number in 13 countries, nearly twice the required minimum of 7 countries.

This week and next week all signatures will be handed in to national authorities for verification. Within three months we expect to give a final valid number to the European Commission. Then the Commission will have to respond  to our demands. We hope  to announce a successful outcome for this campaign on Human Rights Day: 10 December.

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