Our demands and proposals to implement the human right to water and sanitation

(13 January 2014) Together with the certificates that represent 1.66 million valid signatures for our European Citizens’ Initiative we have given our wish-list to the European Commission. It is a list with practical and concrete actions that we think the Commission can take to implement the human right to water and sanitation in European law.

The list could even be extended, but we have limited it to the most relevant demands that have an immediate effect to help people in Europe and in the rest of the world to realize their right to water and sanitation, and to demands that help to safeguard water as a public good.

We will have an opportunity in February to explain our demands in a public hearing in the European Parliament. Date to be confirmed. To all our supporters we ask to use the attached list to inform members of the European Parliament in your country and your local politicians to gain their support for the right to water in EU-law.

See below our wish-list in several languages