Greek government cancels planned privatisation of water companies

(11 August 2014) In response to the court decision that declared the privatisation illegal and as a result of the referendum that was held in Thessaloniki earlier this year, the Greek government has finally decided to withdraw the (Troika driven) proposal to privatise and sell the water companies of Athens and Thessaloniki. The decision was announced on 15 July by prime minister Samaras and coalition partner Venizelos. This is a final victory of the Greek people and organisations that have protested and campaign for more than one year to stop the insane plan to sell-off well-performing public utilities to foreign multinationals. The sell-off would only lead to a short term debt-reduction for the Greek state but a long-term loss for Greek people losing control over their local water services and likely ending up paying higher prices. Fortunately this process has come to an end.

It is not the end of austerity, but the Greek government said it will look for ways to lighten austerity and other measures that reflect a more long-term approach to reduce debt and that convince creditors.

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