European regions support water ECI

(2 May 2013) As the first up and running European Citizens' Initiative reaches its target – more than 1 million signatures in at least  7 countries – other efforts are getting underway to support the declaration of water and sanitation as Human Rights.

In December 2012 mayors from across Europe gave their support to our ECI. Now several regional authorities are mobilising to support us. North-Westphalia (Germany), Andalucia (Spain) and Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France) have voted, unanimously, to back the ECI [see the statements below]. Also the Catalan parliament has a motion in support  and other initiatives are taking place in France, Italy and elsewhere.

The right2water ECI welcomes this support from regional elected representatives, particularly in areas facing the threat of water privatization and where the economic crisis has led to many people being cut off from water and sanitation services. It is our belief that publicly-owned, democratically-run and transparent water companies are the best promoters of the Human Right to water. We welcome that, as the European Citizens' Initiative heads towards the end of its signature campaign, the drive to get support from cities and regions becomes stronger.

Support from PACA Region (France)

Catalan Motion

Andalucian motion

Elena Cortes, Minister of Housing in the Junta of Andalucia signing our ECI

Manolo Baena, Member of the Andalucian Assembly signing our ECI

Lola Quintana, Deputy of Andalucian Parliament signing our ECI