(9 June 2015) 10 UN experts issued a statement last week expressing strong concerns regarding the adverse effects of trade agreements and ISDS on human rights. They criticize the secret nature of the negotiations and more specific the Investor – State Dispute Settlement mechanism. ISDS chapters are anomalous in that they provide protection for investors but not for States or for the population. They allow investors to sue States but not vice-versa.

(18 May 2015) A year after the popular consultation that the people of Thessaloniki organised about the plans of the previous Greek government to privatise water (18 May 2014), the President of the Greek Parliament Zoi Konstantopoulou has solemnly pledged her support to the implementation of the Human Right to Water as a just societal demand. It means she will help steer an endorsement through the full Parliament. She made the announcement at a meeting of the Thessaloniki City Council and wants Greece to become the first country to recognise the right.

(4 May 2015) All UN Member States have recognised that the human right to water and the human right to sanitation are part of binding international human rights law. This publication by Amnesty International and WASH United gathers the evidence of the universal recognition of the human rights to water and sanitation

(27 April 2015) Thanks to our joint advocacy efforts and the support of champion Member States, the human right to water was included in the outcome document of the Open Working Group, preparing for the Sustainable Development Goals. Your support to include the Human Right to Water and Sanitation made the difference. Thank you for your advocacy and support for this critical issue!

(20 April 2015) EPSU and the European Water Movements organised an action on World Water Day. The internal TV station of the European Parliament put some tough questions to the Hungarian MEP Gyorgy Schopflin, currently involved in reporting on the usefulness of the instrument of the ECI. In response to the lack of ambition of the European Commission, he agrees that the European Commission has been dithering and should have taken action

(25 March 2015) On the occasion of World Water Day (22 March) many events took place and many statements have been made. This year World Water Day was marked by recognition and appreciation of the important work that people in the water sector do to provide all citizens with clean drinking water 24/7. 

In the Netherlands FNV participated in a campaign “THANK YOU for tap water!” that launched a nice video clip.

22 March is World Water Day. The Netherlands have the best tap water in the world. It is healthy, environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone as it is in public hands. The Dutch themselves, however, tend to take this for granted. So, it’s about time for the Dutch to say #THANKYOU for tap water.

Citizens coming from all over Europe, representing the nearly two million people that supported the first successful European Citizen’s Initiative for the Right to Water will remind the European Commission that they should work for their citizens, not for corporations.

(18 March 2015) 22 March is World Water Day. Still today, we are facing a global water crisis: One in nine people lack of access to clean, safe drinking water. More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war, and water systems around the world critically need investment. Still also large multinational corporations and their financial backers are exploiting the crisis to transfer public water into private hands. The result: corporate-driven projects that prioritize profit, not people’s needs for access.

(18 March 2015) After the victory of Syriza in the elections in Greece a more social policy was promised to the people that suffered from austerity measures imposed by the Troika.

The Thessaloniki water company EYATh immediately put this into practice. It introduced social tariffs that allow poor people to receive 30 m3 water free of charge per semester (4 months period)

(17 March 2015) The European water movement that since its beginning has  supported the first successful European Citizens Initiative has called for a European mobilisation on March 23 in Brussels.

This is an action in the frame of World Water Day and in the framework of the anniversary of the reply of the European Commission to the ECI right2water.

The European Parliament Committee for Environment (ENVI) has started an “own-initiative” on our ECI right2water, because it shared our conclusion that the response of the European Commission was disappointing and not in accordance to such a successful European Citizens’ Initiative!



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