(16 April 2014) Our ECI-campaign has been nominated for the European Democratic Citizenship Award in the category of Best Campaign 2013, by the European Civic Forum.

(15 April 2014) News Splash n° 25: On 19 March,  the European Commission published its Communication in reply to our successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The Communication recalls the importance of the human right to water and sanitation and states the importance of water as a public good and fundamental value and that “water  is not a commercial product”.  While, this is not a policy change,  it is a change in language about water.

(3 April 2014) PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli was in Chile attending the inauguration ceremony of President Michelle Bachelet. She urged the new government to take Chile’s water back into public hands and to do this before the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement is finalised; once approved, this new treaty will block any signatory government from remunicipalising public services such as water.

(Bruxelles 26 Marzo 2014) Ska Keller candidata per i Verdi, Martin Schulz candidato per i Social-Democratici, Jean-Claude Juncker candidato per i Cristiano-Democratici, e Alexis Tsipras candidato per la Sinistra Europea (che ha persino girato un videoclip), tutti hanno espresso il loro sostegno alla ICE “Right2Water – L’acqua è un diritto umano)

(20 March 2014) Following on from the decisive result of the Italian referendum on private management of water services in 2011, Lazio’s regional government has unanimously passed a law that will facilitate management of water services being passed to local authorities.

(19 Marzo 2014) Oggi la Commissione Europea (CE) ha pubblicato una Comunicazione con la quale fornisce la sua risposta ufficiale alla prima  Iniziativa dei Cittadini Europei (ICE) che chiedeva di “implementare il diritto umano all'acqua e ai servizi igienico-sanitari nella Legislazione Europea”. Nella Comunicazione, la CE ricorda l'importanza del diritto umano all'acqua ed ai servizi igienico-sanitari e afferma l'importanza dell'acqua come bene pubblico e valore fondamentale e sostiene che”l'acqua non è un prodotto commerciale”. Tuttavia, questo è quanto.

(19 March 2014) The European Citizens’ Initiative “right2water” is the latest of campaigns against water privatisation which have had remarkable success across the globe. Major water multinationals such as French groups Suez and Veolia have retreated from much of their business in developing countries

Yesterday (13 March) a bizarre article appeared on the front-page of European Voice (EV) suggesting that the Commission would turn down our demands. The journalist claimed to have information from a senior official, giving as a reason that

(11 March 2014) An investigation by the Court of Auditors in Portugal has uncovered the true consequences of private management of the water sector: private companies pocket hefty profits whilst residents and local authorities are left to pick up the bill.

(21 June 2014) As the debate for the human right to water reaches the European Parliament, in Spain citizens have taken the streets of Alcazar de San Juan to stop the water privatization. A city of around 30.000 inhabitants has collected over 11.000 signatures against  the proposed water privatization and over 1000 citizens have blocked the city council and occupy the building on the eve of the vote.

EPSU has sent a solidarity message to the citizens of Alcazar de San Juan.

Lunedi 17 febbrario si è tenuta l’udienza al Parlamento Europeo (PE) dell’Iniziativa dei Cittadini Europei (ICE) “l’Acqua e i servizi igienico-sanitari sono un diritto umano" e c’era folla!

(EPSU Press release- 17 February 2014) The first ever European Citizens Initiative (ECI) met today Maroš Šefčovič and the European Commission services to discuss the implementation of the demands of the ECI Right2water in the European legislation.


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